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August 17, 2021

FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair review

by John_A

Let’s face it, pretty much all of us could do at least a little bit better with staying active. Are you stretching as much as you should be? How often do you get up from that desk?Thanks to the global pandemic a lot of people have been forced to work from home or take classes online. And while things do occasionally look better, we might as well admit that the new normal is not going to be anything resembling the old normal.This doesn’t necessarily mean that things have to be bad or that we cannot make the best of our situations. As I see it, it’s a perfect opportunity to define a better way of doing things. Take working conditions, for instance.Small changes around the home or home office can have long-lasting effects. Picking up a second monitor can do wonders for your productivity. A standing desk can also help ensure you aren’t falling into bad habits like slumping at the computer for hours on end.Walking treadmills are nice, if you have the room to put one in place. You’ll also need to make sure your desk situation is conducive to one, too. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair, from FlexiSpot, aims to replace your office chair, or at least find a place in your home. It’s more or less like having a stationary bicycle at your desk with a bit of freedom and functionality. Offered in white, the Sit2Go is an exercise bike that is easy to put together and even easier to work with. It’s designed to sit under your desk, but moves about the house without any real effort. Thanks to its adjustable seat height, the chair works for family members and coworkers of all sizes. And the breathable mesh backrest keeps you from getting all sweaty should you get carried away with a brisk pace.FeaturesHeight adjustable seat with mesh backrestTrack distance, calories, time, and moreAdjustable resistance levelsMoves from room to room and locks itself in placeImpressionsI found the SitGo to be simple to install, taking all of about five minutes to put the seat and back rest on and swing the legs out. Toss in a few (four) AA batteries, screw in the pedals, and you’re all set. The fitness chair is very quiet to operate and works terrific under a standing desk. It captures not only the length of time you’re pedaling, but also calories burned, and distance, too. With a number of resistance levels to choose from you can go from leisurely and mindlessly getting in some miles to pushing your cardio levels a bit. I liked that this bike pretty much locks in place whenever I sit on it, but it can take a few times to figure out how to manage the desk. Hint, pull the desk to you instead of trying to slide the bike. Increasingly, I find myself moving to the bike and standing desk as I’ve become more comfortable with the settings. I miss having the multiple screens and more powerful PC, but working from a laptop or Chromebook and getting in a few miles has become more important to me.Things look to be opening up here and there, but I am not really that interested in dealing with that many people just yet. This means the trips to the YMCA and gym are down. And with high levels of humidity, mixed with plenty of rain, it’s not exactly easy to bike to the office.Thanks to the Sit2Go, I can get in 10 miles before lunch and not break out in a sweat. Hell, I can get another 10 or more in after lunch, too.Were I to use this in my home, I suspect I would move it from room to room or even take it out on the back deck. It rolls nicely and takes up less space than a yoga mat. I could see myself enjoying a movie on the projector or taking in a playlist on a sunny Saturday morning.At $369.99 I’ll be the first to admit that this is a pretty big ask for a lot of readers. That seems like quite a bit of money and it is –if you’re not serious about the purchase. In looking up other exercise bikes I found that the Sit2Go is right in line with expectations. If you’ve committed yourself to being more active or taking your health more seriously, I can definitely recommend the FlexiSpot Sit2Go. Where to BuyLearn more about the Sit2Go at FlexiSpot’s website where you can also purchase it. While you’re there, check out some of the other products available, especially if you’re on the hunt for a standing desk or something to convert your standard one.

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