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January 7, 2021

Become a better human; this emotional intelligence and decision-making bundle is on sale

by John_A

Humans can be pretty terrible at times, sometimes even bordering on being inhumane. Scroll through your social media accounts and you’ll find all kinds of division, anger, jaded perspectives, little empathy, and a serious lack of self-awareness. Are you guilty of the same stuff?If you’re looking to get in touch with your better self in the new year, you’ll want to pay close attention to your emotional intelligence. Additionally, you’ll need to get better at making decisions.The Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making Bundle, on sale for just $35 in the AG Deals Store, is a 10-course bundle of online training that will help you better understand personality styles, empathy, self-awareness, and more.With more than 460 lessons that span some 13 hours, this bundle will help you grow as a person across five key elements of emotional intelligence. Not only will this bundle help you as an individual, but it could lead to a higher chance of success and leadership in your professional life.Learn How Emotions Influence Performance, Relationship-Building & Decision-MakingDevelop Your Interpersonal Skills to Manage Disagreements, Difficult Situations & InteractionsIdentify the 4 DISC Behavioral Styles & How They React to SituationsHow to Have a Better Understanding of the People You Live & Work WithThe Role Our Emotions Play in Coping with Stress & PressureMake More Informed Decisions by Mindfully Evaluating Different OptionsDevelop Satisfying, Healthy & Authentic Relationships with Other People Through Empathy and Good EthicsDevelop Your Assertiveness & Become More Emotionally IndependentUnderstand Who You Really Are & What Your Core Purpose IsBuild More Collaborative Relationships Using Emotional IntelligenceGet Started Today!Purchase your lifetime account to the Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle in the AG Deals Store for just $35 today.

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