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November 6, 2018

Help your Arlo Security Light reach its full potential with these team-ups!

by John_A

Home security cameras can give you a much better look at who keeps cutting through your backyard if you can get some light on them. The Arlo Security Light is a wire-free smart light that’s weatherproof and can be mounted over any walkway, porch, backyard, or hunting blind on your property. Now, this little light can do a lot on its own, but it can do so much more if you combine it with some sensible accessories and fellow smart home products.

Official skins

Arlo Security Light silicone cover 2-pack


You wouldn’t take your phone out into the big, bad world without a case, so why would you let your Arlo Security Light face the elements naked?? Netgear sells skins in 2-packs in camo and black.

$40 at Amazon

Solo silicone



These skins are sold in singles, pairs, or 3-packs so that you can cover as many or as few lights as you own. Choose white if you want your Security Light to be easy to spot, or black if you don’t mind it hiding in the dark when it’s not on.

$9 at Amazon

Brimming with promise

AhaStyle Arlo Light Case


These silicone skins sport cute little brims, which make a little more sense on a camera than the Arlo Security Light, but they can still keep raindrops off the sensors. Like the Arlo skins, they come in black and camo, but these 2-packs are only half the price.

$14 at Amazon

All-purpose mount

VideoSecu Security Camera Mount


This highly adaptable mount is trusted by many users for mounting projectors, Vive sensors, and security cameras. Mount your Arlo Security Light between 2-6 inches away from whichever wall or ceiling you screw it into in order to make sure that the sensor is the proper height and angle to detect movement and illuminate the area.

$10 at Amazon

Mount anywhere

Wasserstein Quadpod mount


Need to mount your light somewhere a little more non-traditional, like a branch outside your hunting cabin or around a conduit on your garage? This flexible mount lets you wrap the legs tightly around a post or pipe, or you can set the mount up like a tripod and let the security light just balance atop it.

$15 at Amazon

Damage-free mounting

Wasserstein Gutter Mount


Real estate around the roof of your house can be a bit hard to come by, or maybe you live in a rental and need a mount that doesn’t leave behind a lot of wall damage. This gutter mount keeps your Security Light nice and high without breaking out a drill; just be mindful that it may not fit every style of gutter perfectly.

$16 at Amazon

Plug in

Arlo Outdoor Power Adapter


The Arlo Security Light comes with a USB power adapter for indoor use, but if you want to run it off an outside outlet, grab this official adapter. This cable is angled to better fill the gaps around the cable so that most errant dust and water can be kept at bay. Just remember that this still won’t be totally waterproof!

$25 at Amazon

Battery buddy

Arlo Rechargeable Battery


Arlo includes one of these batteries with your Security Light, but they’ll need to recharge every couple of months, so it’ll be easier to just swap out the battery rather than take the whole light down and bring it inside to charge. It’s also generally a good idea to have spare batteries.

$48 at Amazon ($48)

Time to recharge

Arlo Rechargeable Battery Charging Station


Of course, if you’re going to have a spare battery, you’ll need a charger to juice it back up — otherwise, you’ll need a spare Arlo light to charge it up inside of. This charger also doubles as a handy battery cubby to keep your spare in once it’s topped off.

$52 at Amazon ($52)

Alexa, kill the lights

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)


When it comes to controlling the Arlo Security Light, most of the automation integration you’ll get will only happen with other Arlo products, but the Arlo Alexa Skill will allow you to turn your Security Light on and off — as well as changing the color and brightness of the light — with just your voice. The new Echo Dot has a bigger sound and a plusher look as it controls your light.

$50 at Amazon

Totally wireless

Arlo Pro 2


A wire-free security makes more sense with a wire-free camera to go with it, and the Arlo Pro 2 system is the latest and greatest Arlo has to offer. Mount your Arlo Security Light so that it can illuminate your Arlo Pro 2’s field of vision — or even expand the motion sensor range by linking them together!

$380 at Amazon

Lights, camera, alerts!

Arlo Q Plus


The Arlo Q Plus is a nifty camera for 24/7 recording, but it’s trapped indoors. Point one out the window and use the Arlo Security Light to both give you a light on what’s moving and a handy list of times it detected motion. That way, you don’t have to scrub through the whole night/weekend’s feeds to see who stole your daughter’s bike.

$200 at Amazon

These are a lot of accessories to consider, but the three I’d absolutely buy for any Arlo Security Light are the HOLACA skin since you don’t have to buy that one in pairs, Wasserstein’s quadpod mount so you can stick the light anywhere and everywhere you want, and the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) so that you can turn the light on and off without having to dig out the app at 3 a.m. when bugs or spiderwebbing is making it go off every 15 seconds. It is kind of insane that Alexa can control the Arlo Security Light and Google Assistant can’t, right?

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