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November 4, 2018

Make your Samsung Gear S2 feel brand new with a new band!

by John_A

The Samsung Gear S2 is over two years old now, but if you’re really still loving your watch — or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an upgrade — you can make your watch feel brand new without breaking the bank. The price of replacement bands has dropped so low that you can completely revamp the look of your Gear S2 for as low as $10.

Solid swappable bands

V_moro watch bands


$10 at Amazon

If you’re a fan of giving your technology a bit of personal flair, V_moro offers silicone bands available in several different solid colors, but the four-packs of solid or floral designs are the real price-performers here.

Get cute

Getwow watch bands


$8 at Amazon

These rubberized bands have been so popular that from they only have two eye-catching designs left — one dark and floral, the other bright and woodsy. Some of the Amazon reviews have mentioned the band being a bit big on slimmer wrists, but it’s perfect for slim wrists.

Fitness friendly

Moretek watch bands


$11 at Amazon

There are five color combinations that you’ll be able to choose from here, and the perfectly perforated design of these fitness-oriented bands lets the two-tone color scheme shine through the gaps and add a subtle pop of color to your watch and your wrist.

Perfect fit

MoKo milanese loop bands


$10 at Amazon

Milanese loop bands are great for those of us with wrist sizes that seem to always be between the holes on our watch bands. The classic silver version is $10, but it you’re looking for a unique and psychedelic watch band for your Gear S2 Classic, there’s a colorful anodized version that shimmers like a rainbow.

Color pop

Moko silicone sport bands


$11 at Amazon

Moko has more than metal bands. They also sell silicone bands in a rainbow of colors, from Hot Pink — sorry, Barbie Pink — to Purple. These bands feature a pin-and-tuck closure rather than the traditional buckle, a style that Samsung employs on many of their original watch bands.

Subtle sophistication

FanTEK watch bands


$8 at Amazon

Not everybody wants a watch band that stands out like a shiny glitter bomb. Thankfully, FanTEK comes through with affordable watch bands that sport muted designs. Unlike the bright designs on many other watch bands, you’ll find dark colors and simple designs that draw your eye to the Gear S2 without being overwhelming.

How to replace your Gear S2 watch band

I’m partial to the bolder patterns of the Getwow bands and the sweat-wicking properties of the Moretek bands, but solid color bands do go with more wardrobes and situations. Once you get your Gear S2 replacement band, it’s easy to change it out. Just follow along with our how-to video!

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