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September 24, 2018

Where can I buy a Jaybird X3 replacement charger?

by John_A


Best answer: Although you can’t buy just the charger for the X3, Jaybird does sell an accessory pack that includes a charger, ear tips, cord clips, and more for $10.

Jaybird: X3 Accessory Pack ($10)

Buying directly from Jaybird is your best choice

If you need a replacement charger for your X3 earbuds, we recommend buying directly from Jaybird. The company’s Accessory Pack includes the charger, costs just $10, and the $6.15 shipping brings things to a little over $16 once all is said and done.

There are third-party sellers on Amazon that are also selling the Accessory Pack, but the markups they’re charging are beyond ridiculous and not worth messing with at all.

The Accessory Pack comes with more than just a charger

What’s great about the Accessory Pack is that you get way more than just a charger for the Jaybird X3. Also included are:

  • Ear fins
  • Ear tips
  • Shirt clip
  • Cord management clips
  • Carrying pouch

Oh, and it’s available in six drastically different colors!

The replacement works just like the original

Once you’ve got your replacement charger, it works exactly how your original one did.

Snap the clip onto the back of the X3’s in-line controls, plug the other end into a USB port, and you’re good to go! After the red light indicator turns green, you’re good to take the X3s off the charger and get back to listening like normal.

Get your buds back in shape

It can be easy to lose the Jaybird X3’s tiny charging adapter, but thanks to the Accessory Pack, ordering a replacement is dead simple.

Our pick

Jaybird X3 Accessory Pack


$10 at Jaybird

Comes with an extra charger and so much more.

We wish Jaybird sold just the standalone X3 charger, but for $10, it’s hard to argue with the Accessory Pack. In addition to the charger, you also get more ear fins, ear tips, a shirt clip, cord management clips, and another carrying pouch.

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