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September 18, 2018

Just $100 buys you this super tough, and very cool G Shock fitness watch

by John_A

Casio continues to embrace Bluetooth connectivity in its G Shock range, and the latest addition is the GBD-800, an affordable watch with fitness tracking features and a new digital display. This provides more glanceable information than the last G Shock fitness tracking watch, the GBA-800, which was released at the start of 2018.

The Bluetooth low energy link syncs with the G Shock app on your phone, and sends data collected from the three-axis accelerometer inside to provide step tracking, all displayed on a graph. Casio says it breaks down the step count into five metabolic equivalent levels (MET), to help people more effectively measure energy output each day. You can set daily goals inside the app, and view calories burned too.

A redesigned digital display with three rows of information shows the step counter, lap number for runners, and also a total number of laps and steps, along with the expected time and date. Because the GBD-800 is a watch first, rather than an all-out fitness tracker, it has the usual watch features including world time, a stopwatch and timer, five alarms, and a bright backlight. The timer can be used to measure intervals when working out, and in the app there is a 3D map system to show running routes too.

Like the GBA-800 the GBD-800 is a mid-size G Shock watch, therefore should fit most wrists although it will still look large on thin wrists — but then, it’s a G Shock, and that’s the point. Also, as it’s a G Shock, it’s not going to break under pressure due to its shockproof tough body, strong resin strap, and 200 meter water resistance.

The color schemes are more varied, and in some cases less in-your-face, than the GBA-800’s too. The bright blue and orange versions really standout, but the more subtle black and red or grey and green models will appeal to G Shock fans who want to wear the watch each day with a variety of outfits. Europe will get cool black and white models, according to G-Central.

In the U.S. the GBD-800-1 and GBD-800-8 models — that’s the more subtle two tone watches — will be available online and from various retailers in October for $100.

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