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September 17, 2018

OnePlus’ ‘Crackables’ includes puzzles in both the digital and physical worlds

by John_A

Well, this is a little new for OnePlus. The company has announced a new game, called Crackables, which has been developed in partnership with Google and will be available to play straight from a website.

The game is set to begin on Tuesday, September 18, at 8 a.m. (ET), and according to OnePlus, is “comprised of a series of compelling puzzles that need a combination of skill and speed to complete.” The puzzles are “both digital and physical,” and players will progress through the levels until OnePlus selects winners.

To progress, however, you have to be quick. Only the first 1,000 people to get through the first three challenges will be eligible to continue playing the game. Players will then be sent an actual microcontroller, which they can use to finish the final puzzle, and ultimately win the game. According to OnePlus, the prize for winning will be the “ultimate gaming setup.”

Not much else is known about the game just yet — though it’s likely more details will emerge once it launches. There is a teaser for the game, which can be found below — but it doesn’t really shed much light into what to expect either.

The game was developed by Sleep Deprivation Lab and it is certainly an interesting concept. With a mix of physical and digital puzzles, it could be one of the first games of its kind. It’s also interesting that the game was developed in partnership with Google, though it’s not currently known how involved Google was.

It also comes soon before the expected release of the OnePlus 6T — which is expected to be announced sometime in the next few months. In general, the phone is expected to boast a new design with a smaller notch, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, at least 64GB of RAM, and, according to rumors, a tri-lens camera. The phone will likely be priced far cheaper than other flagship phones for the year, as OnePlus phones often are, and will come with a relatively stock Android experience, too.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Crackables ends up looking like, but we’ll update this article when we hear more.

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