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September 10, 2018

These are the best slim cases for the Galaxy Note 9

by John_A

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. We live and breathe Android phones, so we’re always on the lookout for the best ways to protect them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the largest phone released in 2018, so you might not want to add any extra bulk with a case. Having said that, you probably don’t want to carry around a $1,000 phone with no case whatsoever. That’s where these slim cases can give you the peace of mind you desire without adding unnecessary bulk for your pocket carry.

Some assembly required

Spigen Thin Fit 360


This is the thinnest case that Spigen offers for the Note 9. Designed to preserve the in-hand feel with an extremely minimalist frame that clips together in three parts and comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

$18 at Amazon

Slim and minimalist

Spigen Thin Fit


This is a better option for those looking for a simple and minimalist case and nothing else. This case basically clips around the edges of the Note 9, providing important protection in the corners while leaving all other buttons and cutouts wide open. It’s guaranteed compatible for wireless charging and Spigen screen protectors.

$11 at Amazon

Ultra-thin and crystal clear

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case


Olixar offers a clear case that not only adds barely any bulk to your Note 9, but is transparent to let your phone’s design shine through. A great option for near-invisible protection.

$10 at Amazon

A thin clear case with stylish accents

TORRAS Ultra Slim Fit


A clear, one-piece case that’s only 1mm thick. Available with stylish black or blue accents around the edges or as a crystal clear case.

$12 at Amazon

Let’s be clear — if you decide to use your Note 9 without a case you’re taking a pretty big gamble with a rather expensive bit of technology. As you can see above, you can keep your Note 9 protected with a slim case for just $10 so there’s no need to take unnecessary risks.

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