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September 9, 2018

Grab the Exynos version Galaxy Note 9 for over $100 off

by John_A

If you don’t mind the International version — or wanted Midnight Black or Metallic Copper — you can get over 10% off that thousand-dollar price tag.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is easily the best Note phone Samsung has ever made, and for once it’s actually better than the latest Galaxy S phone in every way. The battery has jumped up to 4000mAh, which gives you effortless all-day battery life, the all-new S Pen is more powerful than ever before, and the cameras are shaping up to be the best we’ve seen from Samsung to-date. It’s a great, big phone with a great big price tag, but if you’re willing to take the Exynos-powered International version, you can snag a Note 9 for $867 on eBay.


The Exynos version doesn’t have every LTE band for AT&T or T-Mobile — Sprint and Verizon customers will have to look elsewhere — and the International version might not play well Samsung Pay or other country-specific features, but it’s still got that gorgeous 6/4″ display, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage, that swanky new powered S-Pen, and four color options instead of the two offered stateside right now. If you wanted a Midnight Black or Metallic Copper Note 9, it’s your lucky day!

See at eBay

If you want the Snapdragon-powered Note 9 — or need a Note 9 that works on all US carriers — there are other deals to be had. Over on Amazon, you can buy a US Galaxy Note 9 for the standard $999 retail price and get a free Wireless Charger Duo ($119 value) and a free DeX Pad ($69 value) if you select the bundle option.

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