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September 4, 2018

The best shooters for PlayStation VR

by John_A


Suns out, guns out. Get ready for a shooting adventure in VR.

Shooters are a mainstay and favorite among many gamers, and the style of play is only heightened in PlayStation VR thanks to motion tracking and intense immersion. The list of shooters for PSVR is ever-increasing, so it can be difficult to decide which one you want to buy. Well, look no further. I’ve collected up a list of all the best shooting games for your new headset to help narrow down your options.

Get ready to game, my friends. The fight is on! We’ve got a little bit of everything here for you.

Choose your poison

  • The best option: Killing Floor: Incursion
  • Runner-up: DOOM VFR

Best option: Killing Floor: Incursion


So maybe you’re not an infested space station type of person, that’s okay. But who doesn’t love zombies? Killing Floor Incursion can be found on the PlayStation Store for $29.99 and it’s one heck of a good time. 10/10 I audibly screamed within the first hour and a half of gameplay, and I work with zombie horror shows every day.

See on PlayStation Store.

Why is Killing Floor: Incursion the best option?

All too often I find myself jumping at scared in VR games, but never actually getting scared. As someone who lives for horror and that adrenaline rush, I was pretty disappointed to not find anything that could do that for me in VR. Sure, DOOM VFR will make you panic to kill the enemy before it kills you, but Killing Floor actually made me scream during the story mode. Imagine a full-sized zombie. Now imagine that zombie is a half spider. Now imagine it can do a full-scale leap, and it’s headed right for you. Yup, that surely did the trick to get my heart racing.

Outside of the actual ability to be a terrifying shooting game, this title also has a pretty awesome gameplay option when you finish the main story. It’s called Holdout, and it’s basically Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty, VR style. You’re placed in a random level (that you’ve already completed in the story mode) where you have to explore, collect gear, solve puzzles and stay alive. There’s plenty of difficult options and even a scoreboard to challenge your friends! All in all, this is one VR game I constantly find myself going back to. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Runner up: DOOM VFR


This title was made to be captivating terrifying. You play as a Union drone, completing your obligations to the corporation, even in death. Unlock the advancements of your guns and get to killing those monsters before they get to you! Find this on Amazon for the low price of 29.99.

See on Amazon.

Why is DOOM VFR the runner-up?

Well, for starters, they’re made this title all that more immersive by having you be a floating screen and two arms. Your controllers and headset only track the motions of these bits anyway, so the game has found a way to make the story of DOOM VFR explain why you only see these parts moving. Furthermore, you can move freely with your controller with a dash or use the teleportation movement option. Since the VR world seems to be evenly divided between preferred movement types, this is very important. Not only that, but the teleportation method is actually included in the combat mechanics. Teleporting can actually hurt your enemies if you appear close enough to them. Just remember to be cautious of the types of enemies you’re trying to get close to!

This game is even compatible with the PlayStation Aim controller, which means you can make firing your gun that much more immersive. The graphics alone are already terrifying enough to make you feel like you’re in an actual infested space station. Honestly, I could go on for hours about how great DOOM VFR is and never shut up. So I’m just gonna say it. Go buy Doom VFR, collect your Doomguys, complete the puzzles and find out why this game is such a big deal.

What are your favorite types of shooters?

What is your go-to title when it comes to PlayStation VR shooters? I personally will always be a fan of “put me in space and give me a laser gun, I’m ready to shoot me some aliens.” Or, did I miss an excellent game that ought to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below or shoot me a Tweet @OriginalSluggo

Updated September 2018: We’ve updated this list to let Killing Floor Incursion shine in the same way it made my heart skip a beat.

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