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September 2, 2018

Get a fresh look with a new band for you Samsung Gear S2

by John_A


Give your Samsung Gear S2 a fresh look with a new wristband!

The Samsung Gear S2 is over two years old now, but it’s still a great smartwatch for. You may be thinking it’s time to upgrade to the new Galaxy Watch or an Wear OS option but if you’re really still loving the Gear S2 — or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an upgrade — you can make your watch feel brand new without breaking the bank.

The price of replacement bands has dropped so low that you can completely revamp the look of your Gear S2 for as low as $10. Let’s dive in on the best replacement bands for the Gear S2!

  • V_moro
  • Getwow
  • Moretek
  • MoKo
  • FanTEK

V_moro watch bands


$9 at Amazon

If you’re a fan of giving your technology a bit of personal flair, then the V_moro watch bands should certainly pique your interest. There are over a dozen different silicone bands available in different solid colors, as well as a four-pack of floral and vintage designs.

The individual bands are $10, but the real price-performers here are the multi-packs, which give you four watch bands for the price of two. Considering just how easy it is to swap bands on a Gear S2, these packs can let you pick a new watch band every day to match your daily outfits.

Silicone bands are durable, waterproof, sweatproof, and work well in all seasons, meaning V_moro’s bands should stand up well to anything you might throw at them short of an open fire or a sword.

Getwow watch bands


$8 at Amazon

Another great place to look is at the watch bands from Getwow. These rubberized bands have been so popular that they only have two eye-catching designs left — one dark and floral, the other bright and woodsy. At these prices, you should grab one before they vanish forever!

At $8 and $6, these bands are an impulse buy that can boost your style for less than a weekend of Pumpkin Spice lattes (we won’t judge). Some of the Amazon reviews have mentioned the band being a bit big on slimmer wrists, but they’ve also said these bands are more comfortable than the bands the Gear S2 came with.

Moretek watch bands


$11 at Amazon

If you’ve got a Samsung Gear S2 Classic and want a watch band that will work well for fitness and prevents sweat from building up between your wrist and your watch, Moretek has you covered, with their porous silicone bands.

There are five color combinations that you’ll be able to choose from here, and the perfectly perforated design of these bands lets the two-tone color scheme shine through the gaps and add a subtle pop of color to your watch and your wrist.

MoKo watch bands


$10 at Amazon

If you want to avoid clasps, the MoKo band for Gear S2 Classic is a magnetic option that adheres to itself. This means that if you have a wrist larger, or smaller, than the norm you don’t have to worry about it not fitting correctly.

Milanese loop bands are great for those of us with wrist sizes that seem to always be between the holes on our watch bands. These bands are easy to slip on and off because all you need to do is slide or life the magnetic clasp to loosen the band. The classic silver version is $10, but if you’re looking for a unique and psychedelic watch band for your Gear S2 Classic, there’s a Colorful anodized version that shimmers like a rainbow.

FanTEK watch bands


$8 at Amazon

Not everybody wants a watch band that stands out like a shiny glitter bomb. Thankfully, FanTEK comes through with affordable watch bands that sport muted designs. Unlike the bright designs on many other watch bands, you’ll find dark colors and simple designs that draw your eye to the Gear S2 without being overwhelming.

FanTEK’s bands sport a lovely crimson, an alluring navy blue, a subtle charcoal gray, and the standard black. There’s also a white version, but that’s kind of bland. The black version can be had for $6, but the colors will run you $8.

How to replace your Gear S2 watch band

Once you get your Gear S2 replacement band, it’s easy to change it out. Just follow along with our how-to video!

What caught your eye?

Did any of these watch bands look like a real winner? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Update August 2018: I’ve updated pricing and pictures for our favorite functional and fashionable Gear S2 bands to reflect changes in designs and available colors. I’ve also removed the Honeda due to dwindling supply.

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