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August 10, 2018

Samsung announces Oreo update plans for Galaxy J7, On5, Tab A, and more

by John_A

A total of 12 devices will be updated by March 2019.

When it comes to Android updates, it goes without saying that Samsung’s one of the worst OEMs at getting new software rolled out to its gadgets in a timely manner. There’s no excuse for it, but it’s something we’ve come to expect at this point.


Samsung recently published an announcement via its Samsung Members app outlining a roadmap for when it expects to release its Oreo update for 12 phones/tablets released between 2018 and 2016, and that list goes as follows:

  • Galaxy J7 Neo — December 2018
  • Galaxy Tab A 2017 — January 2019
  • Galaxy A9 Pro 2016 — January 2019
  • Galaxy C7 Pro — January 2019
  • Galaxy C9 Pro — January 2019
  • Galaxy J2 2018 — January 2019
  • Galaxy On5 2016 — January 2019
  • Galaxy On7 2016 — January 2019
  • Galaxy J7 2018 — January 2019
  • Galaxy J7 2017 — January 2019
  • Galaxy J7 Max — February 2019
  • Galaxy J7 2016 — March 2019

While Samsung deserves credit as some of these devices shipped with Android Marshmallow and are now lined up for their second big OS upgrade, the fact that almost all of them are being pushed out to next year when Oreo is already a year old is ridiculous.

However, that’s just the way the Samsung cookie crumbles.

Is your phone on the above list?

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