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May 13, 2018

Put down the smartwatch! Xenxo S-Ring packs 12 features into a tiny wearable

by John_A

Many of us have a smartwatch these days, so if you really want to stay ahead of the tech crowd, you’ll need a new and impressive wearable device. Fortunately, the folks behind a new Kickstarter project, the Xenxo S-Ring, are ready and willing to help. Their new smart ring promises to replace your bulky wristband wearable with a device that has much of the same functionality, but fits on just one single digit of your hand.

The tiny wearable boasts a total of 12 different features, including the ability to answer calls via Bluetooth, built-in microphone and earpiece, 4GB of file storage, Google Assistant and Siri connectivity, alarm clock, NFC payments, pedometer, SOS alerts, Bluetooth key, and more. The device itself packs its own microprocessor and multiple sensors, and can be controlled using a variety of gestures. While it’s far from the first wearable smart ring we’ve covered here at Digital Trends, it may very well be the one with the greatest number of use-cases.

“Initially, the idea was to develop an emergency SOS product,” co-founders Vigneshwar Kg and Ajeem Khan told Digital Trends. “The [original] idea was to go with an SOS panic button in the shoe, but it is not often everyone likes to wear the same kind of shoe everywhere. So we started thinking what else can we do. Then we came up with the concept of an SOS feature in a ring, since most women and men use rings, and rings are even more deceptive: [A potential attacker] will never know when you call for help. But then, would you buy a product that has only an SOS feature in it? Maybe not. So we began to brainstorm what else can be included. After many prototypes, implementing various concepts, and our team’s hard work, emerged the Xenxo S-Ring.”

At the time of writing, the crowdfunding campaign has two weeks left, although it has already raised more than 10 times its original funding goal. As ever, we offer our usual warnings about the risks of crowdfunding campaigns. But if you would like to pledge your hard-earned cash, you can head over to the team’s Kickstarter page. Prices start at $179, which also includes a couple of USB dongles and a one-year warranty. Shipping is set to take place in January 2019.

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