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May 7, 2018

Pumpkin Pie perhaps? Just what should Android P be called?

by John_A

We have high expectations for Google I/O 2018, but the star of the show will be Google’s newest flavor of Android, which is set to usher in some major changes for the world’s most popular smartphone platform. Will gestures replace navigation buttons? Will there be a new design language? What about notifications, Google Assistant, battery life, and a host of other considerations?

There’s likely to be some good stuff in Android P and it should be available to test out in beta form ahead of the official launch later in the summer. But what everyone really wants to know is the choice of confection. Google’s dessert-based naming convention makes Android more palatable, but some picks are better than others. Will Android P be something irresistible?

Here are our thoughts on possible names in alphabetical order, with a likelihood score of one as the lowest and 10 as the highest.

Pancake: 8

It’s a classic, as well as one of the only desserts you’re allowed to eat for breakfast, so it must be in the running. The fact that people will work “flat as a pancake” into Android articles knocks a couple of points off.

Panna Cotta: 7

This wobbly, creamy, delicious dessert from Italy is always good and Android 9.0 Panna Cotta has a nice ring to it, but is it universal enough?

Pastille: 2

You know, like Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles– sugar-coated lumps with real fruit in them that demand to be chewed. Nah, probably not.

Pavlova: 4

Meringue, cream, and fruit is a heavenly combo, and this dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. We don’t think this is too likely.

Peanut Brittle: 1

Too much of a mouthful? This crunchy mix of nuts with hardened sugar and syrup is the only option on the list capable of breaking your teeth.

Pecan Pie: 4

Almost as American as the apple variety. Legally, Pecan Pie must be said in a Southern accent, which might harm its chances of being picked.

Peppermint: 8

The simplicity and strength of this name can’t be denied, but strictly speaking, peppermint is a plant that we use to flavor some candies.

Petit Four: 3

This has become a blanket term to cover bite-sized cakes, eclairs, biscuits, and tarts, and it means “small oven” in French, which probably isn’t a great Android name.

PEZ: 5

Google has done tie-ins before (KitKat), so these tiny candy bricks — invented in Vienna as an alternative to smoking — could be in the running.

Popcorn: 8

This traditional accompaniment to movies isn’t strictly a dessert is it? But hey, if you want to end a meal with a bowl of popcorn, that’s fine, as long as it’s not salty and buttery.

Popsicle: 9

We think this is the current favorite because it sounds right, it’s in keeping with past names, and there have been some clues that point to it, like this Android wallpaper Google released. But popsicle is a brand name owned by Unilever, so it will require a licensing deal.

Pop-Tarts: 2

These rectangular toaster pastries, also an acceptable breakfast food for some reason, are the closest shape to a smartphone. On the other hand, Android 9.0 Pop-Tarts sounds stupid.

Praline: 5

We can’t help feeling this would be perfect if it was pronounced pra-line, instead of pra-leen, because it would rhyme nicely – Android 9.0 Pra-line. But it isn’t, so it doesn’t.

Profiterole: 6

Delicate choux pastry filled with cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce, like irresistible bite-sized eclairs, but the word itself doesn’t hint at the deliciousness.

Pudding: 7

If Google was a British company, then pudding could be a good shout-out – it’s the generic term Brits tend to use in the same way that Americans use dessert.

Pumpkin Pie: 5

“Let’s not waste the pumpkin from the carved Halloween lanterns I’ve heard you can make pie from it,” sadly, it was disgusting pie because you’re meant to use pie pumpkins which are different. Personal antipathy aside, this name could work.

That’s our current list of possible Android P names. Tell us your favorite, and if you’ve got another suggestion, let’s hear it.

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