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May 6, 2018

Let’s cheer each other up in the weekend comments thread!

by John_A


We should be happy over the weekend, so let’s do this.

This is one of those rare weekends when I’m sad that I’m not working. Or at least not getting ready for work stuff.

For the first time in about 10 years I’m not getting ready to head to Google I/O and it’s bothering me a little. And to be honest, it’s also making me a little annoyed. I’ve had to deal with some back surgery over the past winter holidays and I’m sitting this year out. Don’t laugh, because one day you’ll be old, too.

Normally I’d be making sure I had a handful of SD cards and camera batteries to cram into my rucksack or grabbing a handful of travel-sized toiletries from the drug store. Happily gathering the stuff I needed to head out to California for the best damn week a geek could ever have. Like health insurance or vacation days, Google I/O is something I consider a job benefit.

This year I had to opt-out because i don’t think I want to deal with one part of it — Shoreline Amphitheater’s horrible accessibility. On a good year it’s bad enough that I need to hit Andrew or Daniel to boost me up a hill or two (and I can’t thank them enough for being a good sport about it) but I know I just can’t handle it this time. Then I think that I’d be fine if Google I/O was back at the Moscone Center instead of out in the park. And then I get grouchy so I stop thinking about it.

That’s just me, though, and next year I’ll be back and have a blast. Meanwhile, everything is in good hands with the best bunch of travelling bloggers known to mankind there bringing us all the great stuff and poking fun of the silly stuff that Google has to show off. Andrew, Alex, Daniel, Russell and Mr. Mobile got this. Come to think of it, they do every year and I just have fun learning about dope shit. Now I know why I’m sad.

Take a minute and share what you’re doing this weekend. Push some of those good vibes my way!

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