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May 4, 2018

‘Record Player’ app searches Spotify when you snap a pic of an album

by John_A

Say you’re at a record store and you come across an album that you’d like to listen to before you buy it. Now there’s an app that can help you out with that. It’s sort of like Shazam, but for album covers, Pitchfork reports, and once you snap a picture of the album, it will find it for you on Spotify. The image you use — whether uploaded from your camera roll or taken in the moment — is sent to the Google Vision API, which will provide a guess as to what the image is. The app then uses that guess to search Spotify and surface the first result for you. The app was built on Glitch, Fog Creek Software’s collaborative app-building platform that launched last month.

Newest experiment made with @glitch, @Spotify and @googlecloud, a record player with computer vision:

— Patrick Weaver (@patrickweave_r) May 2, 2018

You might prefer to just type in your album search into Spotify itself. But since Record Player, as the app’s called, lets you upload any photo, you can have a little fun with it — like see what album matches your selfie, for example. This morning, I uploaded an overly excited selfie, which led me to Third Eye Blind’s Losing A Whole Year, while a picture of my cat brought me to Boogie T and Whiskers’ “Bad Motha.” You can try it out for yourself here.

Via: Pitchfork

Source: Record Player

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