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May 4, 2018

MoviePass competitor Sinemia offers movie plans starting at $5/month

by John_A

Today, Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor, announced its lowest pricing to date. For just $4.99 (on an annual plan), moviegoers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia can get one ticket per month to any 2D, traditional movie. For $6.99, you can get two tickets per month. If you’d like to see additional movies (or add 3D and IMAX into the mix), the prices for that are $9.99 for two tickets and $14.99 for three tickets per month.

While these prices don’t match MoviePass’s $9.99 per month for one movie a day (an offer that was removed from the service’s website and only recently restored), they still are a good deal if you consider the full-price ticket of a movie. Additionally, moviegoers can buy tickets and choose their seats up to 30 days ahead of time, a service that isn’t offered with MoviePass.

Questions about MoviePass’s sustainability are becoming more and more glaring, as the company is receiving new subscribers at a high rate — and losing money every time anyone uses the service. It’s not clear how the company intends to make money. Sinemia might be more sustainable in the long term, as the company tries to balance the desires of theatergoers with the needs of movie theater owners and operators. “Our vision and goal has been to create a movie ticket subscription service that adds value for both for moviegoers and the movie industry,” said Rifat Oguz, the founder and CEO of Sinemia. “We believe the only way to accomplish this is through a sustainable movie subscription model.”

Source: Triple Point PR

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