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May 2, 2018

Which Oculus Go should you buy — 32GB or 64GB?

by John_A


Deciding which Oculus Go headset is right for you made easy

The Oculus Go headset started shipping today. So, you went online to check your buying options and saw there were two different types of Oculus Go headsets for you to choose from. Now you’re stuck. Which do you buy? Here we’re gonna help you figure that out!

Read more about the Ouclus Go here!

32GB headset


Whether you’re new to VR or only enjoy playing on some weekends when you have the free time, the 32GB headset is the one for you. You won’t need a whole lot of memory space if it’s going to take you a month or so to complete a game that you’re only playing a few hours a week. Same goes for if you’re buying this headset for a child, or just for the new Facebook 360 live chats that were announced at F8. These types of apps don’t take up too much space on the headset, so you’ll have plenty of space for a few games even after installing Facebook or Netflix.

Long story short, if you’re only buying your headset to stream your favorite shows or browse the internet you’ll be perfectly fine with the 32GB. But, if you’re buying the Oculus Go to dive into the world of virtual reality, you might want to look into the 64BG. Check out below for why!

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64GB headset


There are no ways to expand the storage like you can with the Gear VR. Local files like movies can take up to 2GB each, or more. Not to mention all of the apps that are already available in the store, your storage space is going to go by pretty fast if you only have 32GB. Let’s not forget the operating systems(OS) that all Android-powered devices have. As we don’t have the devices in our hands as of yet, we don’t know how much of that space will be taken by the OS alone.

So, if you’re an avid user of VR or know you’re going to dive into this head first make sure the waters deep enough. By that I mean, get the 64GB headset!

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Time to buy

Now that you’re all set it’s time to fly the nest little birds. Go see all of your buying options and get your Oculus Go today!

You can get the 32GB headset for $199 and the 64GB headset for $249.

Click here to see buying options for Oculus Go

See at Amazon

Which will you buy?

Based on how you use VR now, and the advice above, which headset did you decide on purchasing? Tell us in the comment section below, and let us know where you ordered yours from!

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