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May 2, 2018

Best Screen Protectors for Moto X4

by John_A


Keep your Moto X4 display looking fresh and clean with a quality screen protector.

The Moto X4 is a quality mid-range phone from Motorola that falls under the Android One program, which means you’ll get Motorola’s excellent software experience along with guaranteed software updates from Google.

On the hardware side, the Moto X4 delivers great build quality with a high-quality display for a $400 phone. Be sure to keep that display looking pristine with a screen protector!

  • Mr Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
  • Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
  • Supershieldz PET Film Screen Protectors
  • IQShield Matte Finish Anti-Glare Film Screen Protector
  • Spigen NeoFlex Case Friendly Screen Protector

Mr Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


Mr Shield is one of the more popular screen protector brands, and they offer a couple different value packs of tempered glass screen protectors.

Featuring a black border around the screen with cutouts around the earpiece, front-facing camera, and the home button. Since these are tempered glass screen protectors, you’ll get the best protection available for your Moto X4, and since this is a two-pack, you’ll get a backup screen protector thrown in with everything covered by Mr Shield’s “No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty”.

If you think you’ll need a back up for your back up, Mr Shield offers a 3-pack for $8. Otherwise, the two pack for $6 linked below should do the trick.

See at Amazon

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


Supershieldz offers a comparable tempered glass screen protector for the Moto X4, with a couple notable differences from the Mr Shield option.

You still get that tempered glass hardness and a black border around the screen, but Supershieldz just cuts right around the home button at the bottom. If you’ve dealt with tempered glass screen protectors before, you’ll know those thin strips that go around the earpiece or home buttons are most susceptible to damage, and you may also prefer the hand feel of not having the home button entirely enclosed by tempered glass.

Get this two-pack of screen protectors for just $8 on Amazon.

See at Amazon

Supershieldz PET Film Screen Protectors


Tempered glass is great, but it can be expensive and maybe you don’t like adding an (albeit thin) layer of glass to your phone. In that case, a film screen protector is what you want — something to protect the display from scratches and other damage.

Supershieldz has you covered again with a six-pack of PET film screen protectors for just $6. There’s a notch-like cutout at the top that goes around the cameras and earpiece, with a cutout around the home button at the bottom to help you line things up properly for installation. These are designed for a bubble-free installation and since it’s a six-pack, if you mess up the first time you’ve got 5 extra tries.

See at Amazon

IQShield Matte Finish Anti-Glare Film Screen Protector


Looking for a screen protector that will cut down on that dreaded phone glare? IQShield has got what you need!

This film screen protector features offers full coverage for your Moto 4X display with a matte finish that cuts down on screen glare — and if you’ve never used a screen protector with a matte finish before you don’t know what your missing out on.

This is a wet installation which is typical for film screen protectors and if you do it right you’ll get a bubble-free installation every time. You can snag this screen protector for $8.

See at Amazon

Spigen NeoFlex Case Friendly Screen Protector


Want a screen protector that’s case friendly? Trust Spigen, who’s NeoFlex screen protector is specifically designed to work with cases.

This $8 two-pack of film screen protectors includes everything you’ll need for a wet installation and is a good option if you use a case with your phone — so much so that Spigen recommends installing the screen protector with a case on. While any case would probably do just fine, just to be safe we’ll recommend the reliably awesome Spigen Rugged Armor for a slim and rugged case that you’ll love.

See at Amazon

Tempered glass or film?

Which style do you prefer for a screen protector? Let us know what you use in the comments!

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