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May 1, 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7

by John_A

The Samsung Galaxy S series may get all the glory, but they’re not the only great phones under Samsung’s belt. For a few years now, the company has released phones under the Galaxy J name, including the Samsung Galaxy J7.

The Galaxy J7 has been updated every year for a few years now, and while rumors indicate that Samsung may soon launch a J8, it still seems like Samsung will launch a 2018 refresh of the Galaxy J7. What should we expect from that refresh? Here’s everything we know so far.


While we don’t really know what the 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7 will look like just yet, we do have some hints as to what kinds of features we can expect under the hood.

According to a posting on Geekbench, which was picked up by GSMArena, the phone may feature some pretty decent specs. For starters, we can expect the device to feature a 2.2GHz Exynos 7885 processor, along with 2GB of RAM — though some reports hint at 3GB of RAM instead.

Of course, it’s possible that reports of both 2GB and 3GB of RAM could be true — multiple different model numbers for the J7 have been spotted online, and with slightly different specs. Some models seem to boast a dual SIM tray, while others offer different amounts of RAM.

Dutch site Let’s Go Digital has also published a report about a so-called “Galaxy J7 Top,” which seems to be the Korea-only version of the phone. According to the report, the device will feature an Exynos 7870 chip, coupled with 2GB of RAM.

Price and availability

We don’t really have much information about how much the phones will cost and when they’ll be available, but we can go off years past to get a pretty good idea. The 2017 version of the Samsung Galaxy J7 came in at a little over $250, so we expect the 2018 version to come with a similar price tag. It was first launched in April 2017, so it’s possible we’ll see the updated version of the phone in the very near future. The phones will likely be available from Sprint and Verizon, but it’s possible they could make their way to other carriers, too.

We’ll update this article as we get more information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J7.

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