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April 17, 2018

Google Maps uses landmarks to provide natural-sounding directions

by John_A

Most navigation apps give you instructions based on streets or distance. But that’s not really how humans provide directions — they’ll usually point to landmarks that are much easier to spot than a tiny street sign. And Google, apparently, knows this. Users are reporting that Google Maps has started offering directions based on local landmarks. Instead of “turn right at Main Street,” it’ll tell you to “turn right after Burger King.”

It’s not certain just what points of interest Google will use for directions, the regional availability (beyond New York City, at least) or the scale of the introduction. We’ve asked Google if it can shed some light on the situation. If this is more than a small-scale test, though, it could take a lot of the stress out of driving through an unfamiliar town.

So @googlemaps instructed me to “turn right after Burger King” … I think this is the best update yet. #mindblown

— Deemah MS (@iamdeemah) April 14, 2018

Google Maps told me to make a right “right after the White Castle.” Does it do that now?

— Scott Stein (@jetscott) April 14, 2018


Source: Deemah MS (Twitter), Scott Stein (Twitter)

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