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April 14, 2018

Recommended Reading: Facebook’s influence on Instagram

by John_A

Instagram looks like Facebook’s best hope
Sarah Frier,
Bloomberg Businessweek

With all the attention on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to DC this week, it can be easy to lose sight of an important detail: Facebook also owns Instagram. Of course, this means it also has access to the photo-sharing app’s massive user base. Bloomberg Businessweek has a detailed look at the relationship between the two companies as Instagram approaches 1 billion total users.

Mark Zuckerberg says he’s not resigning
Robinson Meyer,
The Atlantic

In an interview with The Atlantic, the Facebook CEO admits he’s looking for some outside help, but maintains he isn’t going anywhere.

We already know how to protect ourselves from Facebook
Zeynep Tufekci,
The New York Times

There are endless reactions to Zuckerberg’s testimony this week, but this opinion piece from The New York Times is a solid read even though it was more of a preview to this week’s events.

When identity thieves hack your accountant
Brian Krebs,
Krebs On Security

Spoiler alert: The deadline to file taxes in the US is next week. However, your accountant may have a bigger challenge than submitting your e-file docs on time.

A quiet pace
Sean Fennessey,
The Ringer

Thanks to A Quiet Place, horror films could be having a big moment in Hollywood. The Ringer explains why here.

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