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April 11, 2018

Vimeo’s new Final Cut Pro app cuts the distractions, expands export tools

by John_A

Vimeo wants to help video editors cut the clutter and speed up their workflow by integrating a tool for less back and forth between software and web browsers. On Tuesday, April 10, Vimeo launched a new app by the same name for MacOS. Vimeo for MacOS is a free app that offers tools for Final Cut Pro users (Adobe Premiere Pro users can access expanded tools from an extension instead).

The desktop app expands on Final Cut Pro’s existing options to export to Vimeo, adding more file formats and video codecs. The software, unlike the Final Cut Pro integration, also allows for multiple uploads simultaneously. The program also allows videographers to easily find links and embed codes, along with review page links. With the app, Vimeo users can also turn on notifications on video activity.

Vimeo says the software is designed to help users focus “like a microscope” by eliminating the back and forth between Final Cut Pro and a web browser, which of course is also home to endless distractions from actual editing work.

With the Vimeo desktop app, creatives can also export the new ProRes file format from Final Cut Pro. The tool also allows users to add captions, titles, descriptions, and privacy settings to the video all without the web browser. The app also plays videos without a browser. Inside the desktop app, users can also go back and adjust privacy and collaboration settings even after the video is uploaded on Vimeo.

After installation, video editors need to link the app with their Final Cut Pro account. After restarting the program, Final Cut Pro will have a new share option listed as Vimeo (Advanced) that will switch over to the Vimeo app.

Final Cut Pro could already export directly to Vimeo, but the app directly from Vimeo itself opens additional tools for multiple uploads and adding title data. Vimeo says it will continue to refine the desktop program, welcoming user feedback on other features to add to the desktop app.

Vimeo already has an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, available for Mac and Windows platforms.

The new desktop app trails Vimeo’s National Association of Broadcasters announcement yesterday, April 9, that brought live video to the Vimeo OTT, a program that allows users to monetize through subscriptions.

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