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April 11, 2018

Best Google Wifi Mounts in 2018

by John_A


Want to tidy up your Google Wifi system a little? Mount up.

The Google Wifi isn’t a bad looking router (or three) on its own, and it’s pretty easy to stick it anywhere in your house without offending anyone. However, every home is different and you might want something a little more elegant and organized than just plonking a node down on a window sill.

Thanks to its popularity and the fact it’s a pretty simple shape, there are plenty of options out there for mounting the Google Wifi to a wall or even a ceiling. None are very expensive and there’s something out there to suit all tastes.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch.

Wall Mount Holder for Google Wifi System by Koroao


This mount from Koroao is good for both walls and ceilings, and completely hides the base and cables of the Google Wifi. It attaches using two screws and has silicon pads on the rear to help keep a slip-free fit.

There’s a little notch on the mount just large enough to feed the power cable and Ethernet cable through. It’s all plastic, all white like the Google Wifi and only costs $13. Or you can get a two pack for $19 and a three pack for $26, which is excellent considering you likely don’t just have a single Google Wifi.

See at Amazon

Mount Genie The Spot


If you just want to mount your Google Wifi close to a wall outlet or you want to hide the cables easily, The Spot is the mount for you. It’s a mount with an additional bracket which will rest around the plug of your Google Wifi, supporting the unit below the socket powering it.

The Google Wifi just drops in, but the neat thing about this mount is that the rear of it has enough space to coil up the excess power cable completely out of sight. So you end up with a really neat and tidy setup.

But, if you need the network cable, there’s still a cutout on the bottom to feed that through. And it costs less than $10, which makes it great value as well.

See at Amazon

Echogear Outlet Shelf


This isn’t just a mount for your Google Wifi, but it’ll do a great job of it anyway. The Echogear Outlet Shelf is designed to hold anything up to 10lbs in weight, which can include a Google Home or Amazon Echo, even a Sonos One, or, keeping with the theme, your Google Wifi nodes.

It’s a simple plastic shelf that fits around a wall outlet and has cable routing built in to keep everything tidy.

It’s a novel way to keep cable mess under control, and the most technical thing you’ll need to do is remove the existing wall plate around your outlet. A great little mount for $15.

See at Amazon

Deeroll Wall Mount


The most simple and minimalist mount here, this wall mount from Deeroll is a semi-circle that screws to the wall and you just sort of drop the Google Wifi in on its side.

The plastic used to make it is a similar material and a perfect color match to the Google Wifi, and from the front, it almost disappears entirely. Despite this, there’s enough space at the back to wind the excess power cable around and keep it all looking neat.

A single mount costs just $9, but if you need more, you can get a three pack for $24 and save a little bit over buying them individually.

See at Amazon

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