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April 10, 2018

How to check if your Facebook info was accessed by Cambridge Analytica

by John_A

Chances are your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica. Here’s how to double check if it was.

Perhaps you’ve heard something over the last few weeks regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. I suggest reading through Derek’s full explanation talking about exactly what went down, but essentially, millions of users had their personal information extensively shared with the research firm in an obtrusive, yet legal, manner.


Facebook last reported that up to 87 million of its users in the United States were affected by the issue, and as you’d probably guess, a lot of folks want to know whether or not they’re included in that number.

Thankfully, checking is now as easy as can be.

Android app

Open the Facebook app and go to the Settings page on the far right
Scroll down until you find the Help Center icon
Tap it and search for “Cambridge”
Select the option titled “How can I tell if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?


After tapping on this, you’ll see a card letting you know whether or not your data was accessed


If you’re accessing Facebook from your computer, the process is mostly the same.

From the Facebook homepage, search for “Help Center”
Click on the Help Center link
Type in “Cambridge”
Select “How can I tell if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?”

Facebook will add an ‘unsend’ feature to Messenger in the coming months

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