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April 9, 2018

Project North Star is Leap Motion’s next-gen AR platform

by John_A

A glimpse into the future of augmented reality.

The world of augmented reality is one that’s constantly evolving, and Leap Motion is getting ready to take things a step further with its new “Project North Star” platform.


Currently referred to as “Project North Star”, this is Leap Motion’s vision for the future of augmented reality. North Star is still very much a concept, but Leap Motion is hoping it’ll serve as the starting grounds for upcoming AR hardware and software development.

Leap Motion created a headset to pioneer North Star, and it already sounds pretty impressive –

Borrowing components from the next generation of VR systems, we created an AR headset with two ultra-bright, low-persistence 1600×1440 displays pushing 120 frames per second with an expansive visual field over 100 degrees in diameter. Coupled with our world-class 180° hand tracking sensor, we realized that we had a system unlike anything anyone had seen before.


Both the headset and its accompanying software will be made open source next week, with Leap Motion noting that “the discoveries from these early endeavors should be available and accessible to everyone.”

Leap Motion says it’ll be sharing more blog post and videos over the coming weeks highlighting what it’s able to accomplish with North Star, and although we’re likely a ways away before anyone of this tech makes its way to store shelves, what we’re seeing right now already has me pretty excited.

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