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March 10, 2018

‘Wave’ ring is the latest to turn your hands into MIDI controllers

by John_A

Ring-shaped music controllers aren’t anything new. IK Multimedia released the iRing back in 2014, and the Enhancia made its debut at CES this year. Now we’ve got the Wave, an adjustable MIDI controller ring that can adjust sounds and effects with gestures and taps. Genki Instruments has a working prototype of the device, and is looking to fund a final version on Indiegogo.

The device has been in development for the past three years in collaboration with design firm Anamaly and product development company Haltian. The final version looks slick and futuristic, with five controller buttons, haptic feedback and little lights to let you see what you’re controlling, from guitar effects to DJ filters to synthesizers. You can pan, tilt, roll and tap to adjust and generate sounds with Wave; it connects music-making apps on the desktop and mobile via Bluetooth. You can even connect Wave to a compatible Eurorack synth module with a provided adapter.

Wave has been tested with a wide variety of digital audio apps like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reaper, Bitwig, Studio One, FL Studio, Garage Band and G-Stomper Studio/Rhythm and even visual VJ software like VDMX5. Genki Instruments claims that Wave is water resistant and will last for four hours of continuous use. The usefulness to musicians seems clear; wearing the controller lets you play your instrument or tweak your software while gesturing to control various effects or sounds on the fly.

Via: Fact Mag

Source: Genki Instruments/Indiegogo

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