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March 8, 2018

Oculus Rift headsets should work as normal again

by John_A

If you own an Oculus Rift, good news: It should work as normal again. The Facebook-owned division was caught off guard yesterday when a number of headsets suddenly stopped working. The problem — much to Oculus’ embarrassment — was an expired security certificate that checks whether the software you own has come directly from the Oculus Store. The company worked through the night on a fix and finally it’s ready as a downloadable patch from the Oculus website. It looks simple enough; just download the file, select Repair and then relaunch the Oculus app. That’s the promise, anyway — let’s hope the problem is finally sorted now.

Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus and head of the Rift team, confirmed that the problem had been remedied by midnight pacific time. He also apologised on behalf of the company to affected Rift owners: “This was a mistake on our end,” he said in a tweet. “Folks impacted by today’s downtime will be provided with an Oculus store credit. More details to follow soon. Thanks again for everyone’s patience as we worked through this one.” How much credit is a mystery, but in the meantime you can start browsing the Oculus Store for potential gift ideas. Superhot VR, perhaps?

Hey all – thank for your patience. We now have an Oculus software update in place that fixes the issue where Rift may fail to start up. For more info and instructions, please go here:
Thank you once again for your patience.

— Oculus Rift (@OculusRift) March 8, 2018

Source: Oculus (Twitter)

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