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March 7, 2018

Best PlayStation VR Docking Stations

by John_A


You are now the proud owner of a VR headset and it’s time to show it off

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Now that a PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) has made its way into your life, you wanna find the best display dock to show off your new equipment. So, whether you prefer your command center of gaming to be neat and tidy or are just tired of unpacking and repacking your VR headset, we’ve got some of the best options for you listed below.

FlexDin PlayStation PS4 VR Charging Station


These days most people are only buying digital copies of their games. It’s less clutter in your house and usually a cheaper price. But, there are always those games you want to have a physical copy of because they’re you’re favorite whether it’s games like Fallout 4 VR or Apex Construct. While this charging dock doesn’t have a spot for your Aim controller or headphones, it does have a spot to hold a small number of your favorite games and your PlayStation itself. It’s not even just holding your console either, the dock itself is a cooling unit!

The lights on the stand even light blue when your gear is done charging, and that’s pretty awesome. You can find it on Amazon for $36.96 and the product is 16.3 x 6.7 x 2.8 inches large, weighing about 1.87 pounds. That means this dock isn’t just the best overall, it’s also the cheapest in this line-up, two birds and one stone! The only downside, in my opinion, is how the headset rests on top of the stand for your PlayStation. This makes the stand a bit large, but it would still look good on some entertainment centers. That makes this charging dock my number one rated!

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Collective Minds PS4 VR Showcase Stand Plus


My runner-up dock has to go to Collective Minds’ and their ability to put a piece of equipment together that will hold all of your PSVR gear at the same time. Yes, that means this dock is able to charge two of your Dualshock controllers, two of your Move controllers and even your Aim controller while still having a spot in the back to hang your headphones!

While there isn’t a spot for your PlayStation or your headset, this charging stand is still pretty crafty and slick looking. The dock itself is 10.3 x 9 x 4.5 inches large, weighing 14.1 ounces. Keep in mind it will appear larger after you put all of your gear on it because of the Aim controller extension piece. For $44.99 on Amazon, you can pick up this stellar display and charging stand to really piece together your gaming command center… er I mean your living room!

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PSVR Charging Stand with Optional Illumination by Asterion Products


When it comes to looks my heart belongs to Asterion Products’ dock stand. The sleek and low appearance of the set-up has everything tight-nit and fitting together like a finely tuned engine. This dock also has red and blue lights to let you know if your gear is still charging, or fully charged. Not just that, as the product is 14 x 6.5 x 10 inches in size, weighing 2.4 pounds. It has a place for your two Dualshock, 2 Move, your headset and your headphones! If you also appreciate the appearance of this stand, you can find it on Amazon for $44.99!

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Upgraded ieGeek all in oneVertical Stand


Last but not least we have ieGeek’s charging stand that you can get off Amazon for $37.41. Here we have a similar appearance as the FlexDin where the headset rests on top, but in this case, all of your controllers will rest tactfully on the sides of the dock stand. While there are no fancy lights to let you know when everything is done charging there are ports for two of your Dualshock controllers and one of your Move controllers. Another cool this about this dock is that there is also a stand to hold the processor box for your PSVR which is a nifty addition I did not see on the other docks!

The stand itself is 11.23 x 8.19 x 1.77, weighing 1.43 lbs for a comfortable fit to your entertainment center.

See on Amazon

What docking stand did you choose to show off your gear? Is your favorite dock stand listed? If not, tell us which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below!

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