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March 4, 2018

New Windows Insider preview build causes issues with Mixed Reality

by John_A

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17112 to members of the company’s Insider Fast ring program, but it warned Mixed Reality users to avoid this one. Tom’s Hardware reported that Microsoft warned that its latest preview build contains bugs that can cause the mixed reality programs to crash or suffer from low frame rates, which could make some users uncomfortable.

Microsoft said that its Mixed Reality programs would run at at around 8-10 frames-per-second if they ran at all, and would sometimes completely crash. Of course, bugs such as these are to be expected when taking part in the Fast ring of Microsoft’s Insider Program. Members of these programs are basically beta testing for Microsoft, but while members of the Slow ring only receive access to builds that are nearly ready to go public, Fast ring members receive access to much earlier versions. This allows them to not only get a sneak peak at the latest Windows features, but also the latest bugs.

Speaking of bugs, build 17112 doesn’t only cause problems for Windows Mixed Reality users. It also contains some pretty severe issues for the standard desktop experience, such as making the Microsoft Store application vanish. Microsoft has a potential fix posted on its website, along with a warning regarding the fact that build 17112 could affect the Microsoft Store.

Worse than the loss of Microsoft’s shop, however, is the potential loss of your operating system. Microsoft said that it has received reports that build 17112 can cause a “small number of devices” to fail to load the OS upon launch, forcing users into a boot loop sequence. This could require users to use a bootable ISO or USB to repair their operating system. One option available to affected users would be to disable fast boot, which could resolve the boot loop sequence. Otherwise, those who encounter this issue will need to repair their OS.

Overall, build 17112 contains some major issues that may make users think twice before using it. Aside from the aforementioned issues, it contains a few bug fixes, but nothing major. It’s also lacking any new features that Fast ring members wouldn’t already have access to.

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