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March 3, 2018

Light Phone 2 adds texting to the phone that’s not meant to be used

by John_A

The phone that isn’t meant to be used is back, with a crowdfunding campaign for the Light Phone 2, which adds texting and some other proposed features to the ultra-minimalistic phone range.

If you have a problem disconnecting from your smartphone, then it’s possible you followed the Light Phone’s crowdfunding campaign last year. The Light Phone, a simple credit card-sized block, was intended to allow users to disconnect from the rapidly interconnected networks woven into life, and focus on the world around them instead. To facilitate that, the Light Phone was meant to replace your phone during holidays, hiking trips, or whenever you needed to disconnect, and live with no internet connection, texting, or anything outside of a simple phone and options for quick dialling.

Now Light, the company behind the Light Phone, wants to introduce a second, slightly more advanced model. The Light Phone 2 will expand slightly on the original phone, adding an e-ink touchscreen, texting, an alarm, and an auto-reply function.

Doesn’t adding extra features take away from the minimalistic idea of the original Light Phone? Apparently not. According to the creators, the Light Phone 2 aims to increase what users can do with the phone, while still keeping them safely sheltered away from major social media, the news, and other such distractions that can draw people in. In Light’s eyes, being able to text your friends or wake up on time doesn’t take away from the original phone’s remit.

In addition to the extra features definitely being added to the Light Phone 2, Light has floated a few prospective ideas for inclusion that will apparently be discussed. These ideas include map navigation, voice commands, ride-sharing, and other options. The phone will run a modified version of Android, and will be built from aluminum. In terms of hardware, it will be powered by 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a Qualcomm MSM8909W processor. The 500mAh battery might seem small, but with these meager specs and an e-ink display it should hopefully be capable of decent battery life.

The original Light Phone was something of a success for Light, with the phone being shipped out to 10,000 users. However, the original phone’s price of entry was high for a phone that barely did anything, at $150. The Light Phone 2 starts at $250 — more expensive than the budget Honor 7X — so it’s expensive even considering the added features. Still, if you’re interested, you can back the phone on the IndieGoGo page, though as always, be aware of the potential pitfalls of crowdfunding.

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