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December 28, 2017

Avoid costly errors with this great deal on a Grammarly one-year subscription

by John_A

We write so much around these parts that it’s easy for a few grammar errors to slip through. Whether you’re writing an article for a major website like Android Central or a business email to a boss or a colleague, we all want to be sure our writing comes off as professional and clean. But mistakes are bound to happen, and that’s why it’s handy to have an extra set of eyes looking over your writing.

Grammarly is that extra set of eyes for millions of people around the world. It’s like your personal editor that scans your writing and corrects all the mistakes in your writing — from a simple typo to complex grammar errors. Grammarly puts spellcheck to shame by catching contextual errors, helping to improve your vocabulary, and suggesting style improvements for your writing.


If you feel like your writing could use the Grammarly bump, Android Central Digital Offers has a great deal on a one-year subscription to the full suite of Grammarly features. Not only will you write mistake free across popular services and apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more across all your devices (iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows supported), but you’ll also get great features like plagiarism detection that scans billions of web pages and a weekly progress report to show how Grammarly has helped your writing improve.

A yearly subscription to Grammarly is usually priced at around $139.95, but thanks to this great deal from Android Central Digital Offers you can get your subscription for just $69.98 — that’s 49% off the regular price! Never write a poorly written email again with a little help from Grammarly!

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