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December 12, 2017

Practical Gear Gift Guide

by John_A

Practical gifts may not be on your loved one’s wishlist, but they’ll thank you later when they realize how much hassle you’ve saved them from dealing with. Cable management sleeves, velcro ties, device stands… anyway you give it, organization is a gift.


Elevation Lab’s The Anchor under desk headphone mountIf space on top of your desk is at a premium, maybe the underside needs to pick up the slack. This mount hangs from below and gives you space to store your headphones without infringing on prime real estate.Amazon$10.95WishlistHeadphone stand and headset holderGive your headphones a home that isn’t just the nearest empty spot on the floor. This headset holder gives you quick and easy access to your headphones and lets you display your favorite pair proudly.Amazon$8.99WishlistTwelve South Fermata luxury headphone charging standIf you use micro USB-powered headphones, you can display them proudly on this stand while keeping them charged. It even has a port on the back to plug your smartphone into so you can keep all the wires under your desk.Amazon$79.99WishlistFinnhomy Bamboo Computer Monitor Riser StandThis small monitor stand has hidden holes and conduits to keep your wires at bay so you can work in style.Amazon$25.99WishlistAkwox Wooden Cable Organizer SystemPractical cable management doesn’t have to look like the back of an IT server room. This wooden cable organizer keeps your cables where you need them without being an eyesore in the process.Amazon$9.99WishlistPhilonext TedGem Magnetic Cable ClipsKeep the cables you use the most close-by, looking good, and locked in place with these magnetic clips you can attach anywhere you need them.Amazon$8.98WishlistSugru Moldable Glue Rebel Tech kitMoldable glue offers you a lot of flexibility because you can stick it and shape it however you want. Use it like an adhesive wall clip or to hold a broken spoon together. The ideas are endless and totally up to you.Amazon$15.00WishlistVelcro 100-count one wrap thin tiesYou don’t have to change your messy values to keep your office looking clean. These Velcro ties take two seconds to use and are one of the most practical buys on this list.Amazon$10.19WishlistWhellen cable clips 10-pieceThese clips come with adhesive on the back so you can attach them to the wall or the underside of your desk and at least hide the mess that is your cable management.Amazon$6.99WishlistJOTO cable management sleeveBring order where there is chaos. Organization where none existed before. This sleeve is perfect for behind the living room TV or your desktop PC where the cables have just gotten so out of control you’ve lost all hope.Amazon$14.99WishlistWater-resistant smartphone armband for working outIf your 2018 resolution is to work out a little more, music is a great way to help you through that. This water-resistant armband will keep your phone secured to you and your hands free.Amazon$9.98WishlistamFilm 2-pack screen protectors (iPhone 8/7/6)Your iPhone has a beautiful display, but one little fall could change that. Don’t let it get all scratched up or cracked, and instead add a layer of protection you’ll hardly even notice.Amazon$7.99WishlistAnker 6-port wall chargerWhy waste time bending over to plug things in? Sometimes you even have to reach behind other gear to get to the outlets you have setup. How about you plug in this wall charger, stick it on your desktop, and charge everything you need from one conveniently-placed device?Amazon$20.99WishlistSeagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB portable hard driveIf you want to bring your data with you, be it music, movies, or that 10-page paper you stayed up writing, you need a hard drive that’s fast, dependable and capable of surviving the trip. That’s where Seagate comes in.Amazon$64.99WishlistAeroGarden SproutFor the green thumb who can’t afford a greenhouse, this little garden-in-a-cup works great for anyone who wants to grow some veggies but doesn’t have a lot of space.Amazon$50.00WishlistTile Bluetooth Trackers Combo PackIf you lose your phone or your keys a few times a week, you should probably get these so you can find them no matter what happens. Oftentimes I can’t find my phone even when I’m holding it.Amazon$60.00WishlistEneloop Power Pack Rechargeable BatteriesEver since I bought rechargeable batteries I’ve stopped caring about the gear I own that need batteries. There’s always one available and I haven’t been to a corner store in years as a result.Amazon$35.99WishlistMagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning ClothsThere is not a single more useful and practical thing to have around your house than microfiber cleaning cloths. Clean your phone, your tablet, your glasses, or your windows without scratching them up.Amazon$9.00Wishlist

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