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December 10, 2017

Here’s how to get a PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console for just $299, this week only

by John_A

Grab the PlayStation 4 Pro console for its lowest price ever with a few simple steps.

This week only, PlayStation dropped the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console down to just $349 at major retailers across the US. That deal is in-line with the price of the console back during Black Friday which is great, but Amazon has an offer allowing you to pick up the console for just $299.


Amazon is giving a $50 promotional code to be used on the PS4 Pro when you trade-in any video game, video game accessory, or console. This can be literally anything gaming, so if you have an old PS2 controller you haven’t used in five years or a random Wii game, trade it in and you’ll earn $50 off the PS4 Pro, in addition to the value of your trade in! That would bring the console’s price down from $349.99 to $299.99 (the lowest its ever been).

Since the $350 deal for the console lasts this week only, you’ll want Amazon to approve your trade-in as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Amazon provides “instant payment” on many trade-ins. Visit the trade-in page, preferably in Incognito mode. Search for the item you’re sending in, then select it and confirm your trade-in’s condition. On the last confirmation page should be an option for an instant payment.

By selecting this, you’ll instantly receive an Amazon gift card worth the value of your trade-in, plus the $50 PS4 Pro credit. You also agree to be charged for the value of the gift card if your trade-in is not received or not in the condition you specified. Once finished, you can use the credit to buy the PS4 Pro console for just $299.

PlayStation has also dropped the price of the PSVR by $100 for the next two weeks, bringing the Gran Tourismo Sport bundle down to just $199 now. You can also grab a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus for just $40 while supplies last.

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