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December 7, 2017

Save on in-app purchases with $100 worth of Amazon Coins for $76

by John_A

Grab a discount on in-app purchases for your favorite mobile game.

Amazon is currently selling $100 worth of Amazon Coins for just $76. This 24% discount saves you $24.

Amazon Coins can be used the same as cash. For $76, you’ll receive 10,000 Coins (normally 100 is equivalent to $1) which can be used on games, apps and in-app items like gems, boosters and power-ups from the Amazon Appstore. You can even gift coins or earn back a portion of what you’ve spent after eligible purchases.


These Coins can be used via Fire tablets, Fire TV, or on any Android device through the Amazon Appstore. When buying an item in the Appstore, you’ll spend Coins on default if you have enough for that purchase. Otherwise, it will prompt you to buy more.

This is a really easy way to save on in-app purchases. If your favorite mobile game never has a sale, this is a good way to grab a discount anyway. So save your game progress (if possible), download the Amazon Appstore, and then re-download the game through the Appstore. A little bit of hassle could save you $24, or more in the long run if you continue using Amazon Coin. You can also currently buy $500 worth of Amazon Coin for $375.

Amazon Coins are regularly discounted, with $100 worth of coins available for $90 usually.

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