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December 7, 2017

LG launches V30 Signature Edition with 6GB RAM and Oreo for $1800

by John_A

Here’s what you’re getting for $1000 more over the regular V30.

Smartphones have been getting more and more expensive this year, with devices like the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X getting near or even breaking the $1000 marker. LG is now getting in on the fun with its new V30 Signature Edition, and although the phone is only coming to South Korea, you probably wouldn’t want to buy it anyways.


As you might expect from the name, the V30 Signature Edition is pretty much the same phone as the regular V30. You’ve got the same 6-inch P-OLED display, Snapdragon 835 processor, and dual-camera system. The Signature Edition has four main advantages over its older brother, including:

  • 6GB of RAM compared to 4GB
  • 256GB as the only storage configuration
  • Android Oreo out of the box
  • Zirconium ceramic plate replaces the regular Gorilla Glass on the back

The V30 in South Korea sells for $824 USD, and to get these four advantages with the Signature Edition, you’ll need to hand over around $1800. The biggest advantage is the ceramic back that’s more resistant to scratches than glass, but if you’re a hardware junkie, you can pick up the Essential Phone for $499 with a ceramic and titanium build. Food for thought.

LG says it’ll only be making 300 units of the V30 Signature Edition, meaning it’ll likely never come to other markets aside from South Korea. Honestly, that’s fine by me.

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