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December 6, 2017

Lytro shuts down its multi-focus photo sharing platform

by John_A

Remember Lytro’s cool, but kinda gimmicky “light-field” photography? It let you take pictures without a defined focus point and post them on a special online platform, where users could click on which part they wanted to be sharp. It never caught on with consumers, and Lytro discontinued its pricey Illum camera (above) and switched gears to video and VR. Up until recently, though, users could still post the interactive “living pictures,” but Lytro has announced that as of November 30th, the platform ( has been killed.

The only way now to view the multi-focus images is via Lytro’s desktop application, or using the Illum camera itself. All the living pictures we posted on our Illum mini-review, for instance, have now disappeared, leaving a black box, as shown below. The best you can do is use the app to export JPEGs or other conventional formats.

No other camera companies ever adopted light field-type tech, but it is being pursued by companies like Avegant, and Lytro itself, for virtual and augmented reality. Shuttering its online platform effectively marks the end of Lytro’s consumer camera adventure, and will no doubt leave the (very few) Illum buyers bitter.

Via: DP Review

Source: Lytro

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