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December 5, 2017

The best Dell XPS 13 cases, sleeves, and bags for every occasion

by John_A

As one of the most beloved laptops here at Digital Trends, the Dell XPS 13 is a piece of kit we prefer to treat with some reverence. That means making sure it’s comfortable and well protected during transit, which in turn means wrapping it in something it and we can be proud of.

It’s easy to just pick up an all-purpose laptop bag, but since it’s so popular, there are plenty of Dell XPS 13-specific cases and sleeves to choose from. To help you pick the right one, this is our collection of the best cases we could find regardless of where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Amazon Basics 13.3-inch laptop sleeve ($11)

Although not designed explicitly with the Dell XPS 13 in mind, the Amazon Basics 13.3-inch laptop sleeve will give your favorite laptop a safe and scratch-proof way to travel. What it lacks in features it makes up for in color options and pricing. It’s hard to beat that $11 price tag.

The form-fitting sleeve is available in a choice of five different colors and a number of sizing options. Although the 13.3-inch version will be your best bet for an XPS 13, there are other sizes available should you wish to buy more than one to cater to other laptops too. The whole thing is enclosed with a zipper mechanism, so gives you quick and easy access and keeps your laptop stored safely away while in transit.

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Clear iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case ($20)

If you’re looking for a hard shell to protect the already rather sturdy XPS 13, then the Clear iPearl mCover is a great choice. Available in a wide variety of colors, its tough exterior is shatterproof and comes with its own Dell logo so you can still let everyone know where your brand loyalty lies.

This case also has built in extender feet, which lets you change the angle of the laptop for easier typing and cooling, the latter of which is bolstered by a vented underside to maintain low temperatures during extended use.

The shell itself attaches to the case with a snap-on/snap-off system so is easily removable. However, it should be noted that because these cases fit exactly to the XPS 13’s dimensions, it will only fit certain models. Make sure to double check you are ordering the correct version before doing so.

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Nevissbags semi-hard case ($23)

For something in between a rigid shell and a cloth carry-case, the Nevissbags semi-hard case is a great way to protect your XPS 13 on the go. It combines a protective outer shell — in a “Titanium” color scheme — with a microfiber cloth interior to prevent scratches and reduce impact damage from drops. It also has a safety band system inside to keep your laptop in place during transit.

Better yet, this case comes complete with a mesh pocket which lets you carry paperwork, headphones or other accessories with you on the go. We wouldn’t recommend putting anything too bulky in there though.

Do bear in mind, however, that the various models of this case are designed for specific XPS 13 releases, so double check you’re buying the right one before going ahead with the purchase.

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Dell Premier Sleeve 13 ($50)

If you would prefer to go with a sleeve endorsed and sold by the manufacturer of the laptop itself, then Dell’s own Premier Sleeve 13 might be the way to go. Built specifically to house the XPS 13 2-in-1, this sleeve is surprisingly sturdy, with tight stitching and structured sides to protect the interior, whilst remaining flexible enough to avoid the laptop rattling around inside.

The side has a dedicated pen holder so you won’t lose track of the little stylus accessory and the whole sleeve is lightweight, making it easy to transport. With a rubberized design, it can take a few knocks and wear too, without marking.

This design doesn’t have a carry strap so may need to be put into another bag for complete portability, but at $50, it’s quite affordable and will keep your XPS 13 looking good for the foreseeable future.

Buy one now from:


Dell executive leather carrying case ($80)

Made from a premium leather with some nylon accents, this bag is designed for laptops up to 13-inches, so is a bit of a snug fit for the XPS 13. However, that means it won’t move around much at all in transit and there is a separate compartment for documents and accessories if needed.

The interior is compact, but well cushioned so that scratches are a thing of the past with this laptop case. It features an ergonomic shoulder strap for easy carrying, though there is also a briefcase-like handle for those who prefer keeping a firm grip on their laptop.

This is a flexible carry case though, so it won’t do much to protect from drop damage like the best smartphone cases.

Buy one now from:


Tomtoc 13 360 degree laptop shoulder bag ($30)

Tomtoc has some of the most well-reviewed laptop bags on Amazon and with good reason. The 11.6-13-inch 360 protective bag is a perfect fit for Dell XPS 13 owners as it combines a sturdy exterior with a cushioned interior.

There are a few patented technologies at play in the design, but they boil down to some additional padding at key points most notably the corners and bottom of the casing. That should mean you can put down the bag without fear of damaging the laptop inside. It also provides some protection against drop damage. The soft material on the inside wards off scratching too.

Along with the main compartment for the XPS 13 itself, this bag also comes with two side pockets which have enough space to fit all manner of accessories, including a laptop charger if needed. All compartments are sealed with sturdy zips and the bag can be worn on the shoulder using the comfortable carry strap, or carried by the sturdy handle.

Buy one now on:


Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 13″ ($220)

Although far beyond the basic necessities of a laptop case, the Peak Design Everday Messenger Bag is a perfect companion for the XPS 13. It’s a stylish carry case that doubles as a standard messenger bag when not filled with all of that convertible laptop goodness.

Features wise, it comes with specially designed flex-fold dividers on the interior to help segregate your important items from one another and allows you to pack in any other items you might want to carry with you. It has a strong and sturdy strap that’s also comfortable on the move and has a magnetic clasp system to keep the bag locked up tight. It’s water resistant too, so you don’t need to fret if you get caught in a light shower.

Yes, this is a pretty expensive way to haul around your well-priced laptop, but this messenger bag ticks so many boxes, it deserves to make the list.

Buy one now at:


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