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December 5, 2017

Apple ‘listening’ to Mac concerns, but no word on hoped-for improvements

by John_A

Apple’s chief design officer, Jony Ive, has doubled down on previous statements made by the company that it is listening to feedback from owners who have expressed Mac concerns. However, Ive didn’t go so far as to reveal what changes could be expected with future revisions of this Apple hardware.

Although Apple has been at the forefront of innovative changes with some of its Mac hardware in recent years, the resulting devices haven’t always gone down well. The single USB Type-C port on its standard MacBooks raised charging and accessory concerns and the Touch Bar on its MacBook Pro was considered by many to be a relatively useless but expensive upgrade.

Other problems with Apple devices, like flimsy keyboards, underpowered internal hardware, and the death of the “MagSafe” magnetic chargers, have also raised complaints, as per Business Insider. However, Apple does want fans of its hardware to know that it’s listening, as Ive stated earlier this week in an interview in Washington DC.

During the chat, he said that “All of your feelings and feedback around the MacBook you use, we couldn’t want to listen to more. And we hear,” he continued. “Boy – do we hear.”

While this doesn’t go far enough to actually highlight any changes Apple is planning to make to its Mac or MacBook ranges, it does at least suggest that the feedback will be considered for future generations of the hardware. It is also the second time an Apple executive has made it a point to reassure Apple fans that the firm is listening. As BusinessInsider points out, earlier this year Apple told journalists that it was aware its recent Mac models didn’t suit all of its customers.

At that time, Apple did confirm that a new model iMac would be released in December. Considering we were still rather impressed with the currently available version when we compared it to its contemporary competition in August, any big upgrade could see Apple on to a winner. The new version is said to be aimed at professionals, and so it may well come with powerful internal hardware.

WCCFtech seems to think it’s still on for a mid-December unveiling, possibly containing something as hefty as an 18-core Intel Xeon CPU, though that could be a mistranslation from Google search bots.

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