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December 2, 2017

The best wireless keyboards for every platform and computer

by John_A

Tablets and laptops are getting more and more advanced all the time, but our input options often have a hard time keeping up. If you want to get down to business, a touchscreen keyboard usually just won’t get the job done. Serious work needs a proper keyboard.

You could opt for something big and chunky, or perhaps a mechanical keyboard that offers a more tactile typing experience. But if you are on the go, you’ll probably want something more compact that you can throw in your bag without all the wires. This guide will take you through some of the best wireless keyboards available today, for all sorts of different budgets and uses.

Note that we’ve omitted designs that integrate a case or cover, as with various iPad combinations or the Surface keyboard. First-party devices are generally high quality, but we’re focusing on solutions that work with multiple form factors and platforms.

Our pick

Logitech K780 multi-device wireless keyboard ($84)

William Harrel/Digital Trends

Unlike the K480, we absolutely adored the Logitech K780 when we got a chance to test it. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, this versatile wireless keyboard comes with a tray to seat your tablet in, supports up to three devices at once, and comes with its own USB dongle for use with systems without Bluetooth support.

We did feel the lack of NUM lock and caps-lock indicators when we tested it and no backlighting does mean that you aren’t going to want to use this one in the dark — unless you’re a pro touch-typer — but overall this is the best wireless keyboard we’ve tested in quite some time.

It’s comfortable, versatile and the battery life is said to last as long as two years on just two AAA batteries. Although this keyboard is more expensive, that’s comparable to our choice for best battery-life on this list.

Available now in two different colors, the Logitech K780 is our pick for the best wireless keyboard you can buy right now.

But it now from:

Amazon Logitech Store

Best budget keyboard

OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard ($16)

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest Bluetooth keyboard you can get, the OMOTON $16 keyboard is a good option. It might look like a rip-off of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but don’t be fooled: it’s made entirely of plastic. However, it is quite thin and light, making it convenient to quickly thrown in your bag with your iPad or laptop. The manufacturer claims 30 days of continuous use, using two AAA-batteries, which aren’t included in the package.

It really is made with the iOS in mind, but should work across the board for MacOS, Windows 10, and Android — though longevity for future updates is questionable.

Buy it now from:


Best battery life

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 ($30)

As much as you might only be looking for a wireless keyboard to augment your tablet experience, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 goes a step further and comes with a fully-functioning wireless mouse too. Don’t fret that that will make this option the most costly, as its MSRP of $50 is hardly extortionate. Better yet, you can regularly find this wireless peripheral bundle for as little as $30.

Although there have been some reports of a slightly noisy spacebar, the keyboard in this bundle features quiet keys and a smooth typing experience. Its wireless signal is even encrypted to an AES 128-bit standard, so you can rest assured that what you’re typing won’t be intercepted. Keys are reprogrammable too, letting you customize the keyboard layout as you wish.

The big selling feature of this set though is battery life. With just two AAA batteries, Microsoft claims that you can have up to two years of operation out of both the keyboard and mouse. That means they will be a long, long time before you even have to think about replacing the batteries.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Microsoft

Best for Apple devices

Apple Magic Keyboard ($88)

Apple’s redesigned Magic keyboard is everything Apple fans (and others) could want from a minimalistic Bluetooth keyboard design. The older Magic keyboards had a rolled base that propped the back of the keyboard up and made room for AA batteries. The new version now has a rechargeable battery, so the keyboard lies much more flat. It might be a little bigger than some of the other options on the list, but it works well with both iOS and MacOS products.

The keys also received an upgrade, and now have a little more weight when typing, which is generally also an improvement. The arrow key redesign is somewhat less welcome, but the advantages to this new design are hard to deny. The Bluetooth battery claims a one month charge, too, so you can carry this keyboard around without worrying about it too much. That’s not a patch on some of the others on this list, but for Apple loyalists this is the keyboard to buy.

The next version may even come with Apple’s famed touch bar, though we hope it doesn’t.

Buy it now from:


Best compact option

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Keyboard ($20)

Those looking for a super-compact Bluetooth keyboard for their mobile devices may find the inexpensive Arteck HB030B perfect for their needs. This 0.24-inch thin keyboard is easy to slip into most computer bags or backpacks, and is compatible with pretty much every common mobile platform. It’s tiny and scrunched, which might be just what you want when you need to type on the go.

It also comes with a surprising amount of backlighting, with seven different color options and two levels of brightness. Perfect for those who need a mobile keyboard in low-light conditions.

Buy it now from:


Updated 12/01/2017 by Jon Martindale – Overhauled categories and updated text. 

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