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December 2, 2017

Deako is a smart lighting system that doesn’t require smart bulbs

by John_A

When people think about the design of their home, their minds often go first to the furniture, decor, and appliances. One oft-overlooked factor that determines whether a house feels homey is the lighting. Too bright lighting can give residents a headache, while too dim lighting can cause squinting and bumping into things. Having proper lighting in the home can improve the mood and efficiency of those who live in the house, whether you’re going for a spooky effect for Halloween or a practical solution to prevent tripping. While many smart lighting systems require smart lightbulbs in order to function properly, Deako doesn’t. What’s more is that this smart lighting system allows you to control the lights in your home with or without your mobile device.

The Smart Dimmer, priced at $90, and the Smart Switch, priced at $65, can be controlled with your voice or the Deako mobile app. This means you can control the smart lighting system even if you don’t have your phone handy. Want to save the current lighting scene so that you don’t have to reconfigure it every time? Simply use the app to save up to three at once. For the dimmer, you can slide your finger to adjust the brightness, or use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust it more acutely. The dimmer also supports schedules and countdown timers for added personalization.

With Deako, each faceplate you install can support up to five switches, with the option of adding an outlet as well. This way, you can personalize the switches to each room in the home, and add outlets depending on how often devices are charged in a specific room.

The Deako website explains that the company was born out of necessity: “After researching and living with partial solutions, we realized people really needed an easily upgradable lighting system. People also needed to be able to control the switches with or without their mobile device. The team set about making the idea into a tangible reality — and making it look beautiful while being affordable.”

Bloomberg named Deako one of the 50 most promising startups in 2017.

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