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August 28, 2017

Moog debuts full production model of its Subsequent 37 analog synth

by John_A

Moog may have debuted the successor to its Sub 37 analog synthesizer back at Moogfest in May, but that instrument was limited to 2,000 total units. A good chunk of those Subsequent 37 CVs probably didn’t make it out of the music festival last spring. There’s good news today though as the Asheville, North Carolina-based company has announced a full production version of the Subsequent 37 and it’s available now for $1,499.

The company says this new Subsequent 37 features many of the “sonic modifications and functional improvements” from the Subsequent 37 CV, minus the control voltage outputs and the metal frame. This new unit has wood sides more common to Moog’s synth gear and the original Sub 37. Speaking of that elder synth, Moog also announced today that it would be discontinued and the Subsequent 37 would be the standard issue going forward.

Like the CV unit, the Subsequent 37 offers double the mixer headroom compared to the Sub 37. This means the 2-note paraphonic analog synth showcases cleaner tones in both mono and duo modes, for example. A tweaked Ladder filter provides what Moog describes as “an overall richer low end” that’s complimented by a re-tuned Multidrive circuit for that increased “grit and growl” first displayed by the Subsequent 37 CV. The company explains that this new model features the same overall character of the Sub 37, but these changes give musicians an even wider range of sounds and improved playability thanks to updates to the keyboard. And yes, the on-board headphone amp is still here to keep audio monitoring sounding top notch.

If you’re eager to open your wallet, the Subsequent 37 is shipping now from Moog and retailers where the company’s gear is sold. For a more detailed look at the synth, Moog’s chief engineer Cyril Lance and Snarky Puppy’s Cory Henry show off what’s new on the Subsequent 37 in the video down below.

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