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August 12, 2017

There may be an LG V30 Plus this year

by John_A

LG V30 Plus to reportedly include special features such as hi-fi audio and wireless charging.

The announcement of the LG V30 is right around the corner, and a report from ET News suggests there will be a separate model announced along side the V30. The LG V30 Plus is said to be exclusive to South Korea and will include some special features over the standard LG V30.


LG pursued a similar strategy for the LG G6, with various regions getting different features initially, a G6 Plus with extra storage released a few months later in South Korea. There’s no indication just what features the V30 Plus will include, but it’s easy to presume it will include wireless charging and better audio playback than the standard V30.

The report also noted that the LG V30 and V30 Plus would be released on September 15th in South Korea, the same day the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be released in the country. There’s no news on when the device would be released in other markets, but the phones are set to be announced on August 31st at IFA.

Would you be interested in an LG V30 Plus? Let us know down below!

LG V30


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