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August 12, 2017

Expand your car’s power ports with Bestek’s 7-port car charger!

by John_A

In addition to making a damned fine Power Tower, Bestek also has a line of products dedicated to expanding the number of power ports in your car. Most cars have one or two outlets, at most, and if you have more than one person in the car that needs to charge their phone, you might be out of luck.

Fortunately, Bestek has a solution to that problem. This little guy not only provides three DC ports for the price of one, it also gives you four USB (2×2.4A, 1x1A, and 1 variable 0-2.4A) ports – for a total of seven usable power plugs for various devices. The case is made of glossy, black and red plastic that feels solid in-hand but picks up fingerprints like crazy. A LED mounted on the front lets you know when the unit is on, and little rubber feet on the bottom help keep it in place in a moving car – unless, of course, you set it in your center console, like I did. As you can see, it fits perfectly.

A nice design touch in this power strip is the LED readout that displays the current charge of your car battery, which is very useful. It gives you an idea of how much power you’re consuming, which can be helpful for people with cars that have smaller batteries. There’s also a power switch, so you can turn off the unit without unplugging it. Finally, the third of the three DC ports also acts as a cigarette lighter, for those of you that still smoke in your cars (the box actually includes a cigarette lighter to plug into that port, funnily enough).

The only beef I have with this particular unit is the covers for each DC port; they’re soft rubber, making them hard to pry open – they simply flex instead of opening, much to my chagrin, especially while driving. No matter, though – once they’re open, I doubt you’ll find cause to close them again.

Buy this Bestek 7 port car on Amazon for $23.99 – not a bad bargain for expanding the number of power ports on your car to a more comfortable level.

An unassuming box, but a fine product inside.

As you can see, the glossy finish really picks up fingerprints.

3 DC ports, 4 USB ports. 7 Total.

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