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August 11, 2017

Of course ‘Fallout 4’ will have a ‘game of the year’ edition

by John_A

Much like the sun rises in the East, Bethesda has trotted out another game of the year edition for one of its open-world role-playing games. This time it’s Fallout 4. As you might expect, it includes everything that’s been released for the game since 2015 including its six add-on mission packs. This latest version will be released on September 26th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Official pricing isn’t available, but based on history, this probably won’t cost more than $60.

However, if you feel like spending more publisher/developer Bethesda says it’ll have limited amounts of the extremely popular Pip-Boy Edition available for $99.99 at select retailers; it sounds like the same phone holster that was available at launch. If you’re itching for something a little more functional, an officially licensed Bluetooth version of the wrist computer has been available on ThinkGeek for awhile now.

The thing is, that one costs a whopping $349.99. But, the $150 Samsung Gear S smartwatches on eBay notwithstanding, can you really put a price on making phone calls from a comically oversized chunk of plastic on your wrist?

Source: Bethesda

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