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August 11, 2017

AMD’s beastly 16-core Ryzen Threadripper CPU is available today

by John_A

We already knew a lot about AMD’s monstrous $1000 16-core 1950X Threadripper CPU (and slightly cheaper 1920X $800 12-core version), but the company released a few more details as the processors went on sale today. AMD is adding a third to the lineup: The 1900X is an 8-core, 16-thread version for $550 that’ll be out on August 31st for anyone who wants a powerful budget CPU with a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz and boost of 4.0 GHz.

Today AMD launches the highest-performance desktop processor ever with Ryzen #Threadripper.

— AMD (@AMD) August 10, 2017

That’s even more value for AMD to brag about as the company grapples with Intel for the top-tier consumer processor crown. Soon after the former had announced its Threadripper series, Intel fired back with its 18-core i9 Extreme Edition — but given that CPU’s $2,000 price tag, AMD is still fiercely competing at half the price. If you want the leading 1950X Threadripper or the lower-powered but less pricey 1920X, you can buy them today on motherboards from manufacturers like ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.

Source: AMD

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