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August 8, 2017

OnePlus 5 has a new ‘Soft Gold’ color, 8GB of RAM model now comes in grey

by John_A


Phone color choices aren’t always exciting.

For a third consecutive version, OnePlus is releasing a limited edition “Soft Gold” color option of its flagship phone — this time just over a month after the original launch in black and grey. Starting today, you can buy a soft gold OnePlus 5 for the standard $479 / £449 / €499 price and with the usual 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage — that is, while supplies last.

See at OnePlus

OnePlus isn’t saying exactly how many soft gold OnePlus 5s are available, but we have to guess it isn’t that large of a number. Previous limited-edition OnePlus colors were available via flash sales and pop-up stores, so the fact that these are selling right away online shows us there may be a few more than usual. But we wouldn’t count on this exclusive color lasting more than a few weeks at most.

It’s a nice-looking phone, and it won’t be on sale for long.

Keeping with the color announcements, OnePlus is also expanding the “Slate Grey” color option to be available with the higher-specced 8GB of RAM and 128GB model. Previously, grey was tied to the standard 6GB/64GB version. Even still, in order to get the “Midnight Black” color you have to go with the 8GB/128GB model. This new color option on the high-spec model is also immediately available at the same $539 / £499 / €559 price as before — this color, however, is not a limited edition.

A new color option obviously isn’t worth trying to sell or trade your current OnePlus 5 in order to switch, but for someone who didn’t like the locked-down limited color options of the phone before this could open them up to making a purchase. But if you want a soft gold one, be sure to act fast.

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