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August 7, 2017

The Morning After: Monday, August 7th

by John_A

Welcome to the new week. Confuse self-driving cars with stickers, fool your body into accepting organ transplants and more future-hacks in our weekend catch-up. Good luck with your Monday!

It doesn’t take much to send autonomous cars crashing into each other.
You can confuse self-driving cars by altering street signs


While car makers and regulators are mostly worried about the possibility of self-driving car hacks, University of Washington researchers are concerned about a more practical threat: defaced street signs. They’ve learned that it’s relatively easy to throw off an autonomous vehicle’s image-recognition system by strategically using stickers to alter street signs. If attackers know how a car classifies the objects it sees (such as target photos of signs), they can generate stickers to trick the car into believing a sign really means something else.

Your body can’t reject what it doesn’t detect.
Nanoparticles fool your body into allowing organ transplants

Organ transplants are frequently life-saving, but they remain a gamble because the body can reject the new organ well after the initial surgery. Yale researchers have discovered a clever solution to this: Prevent the body from noticing the organ until it settles in. They’ve developed a drug-delivery system that uses nanoparticles to slowly supply small interfering RNA (siRNA) that stops the body’s white blood cells from attacking the organ as a foreign presence.

Configured for rocket-powered flight despite no rocket.
Virgin Galactic conducts a ‘dry run’ for rocket-powered flights


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (official name VSS Unity) has just completed its sixth test glide. The reusable spaceplane still has between two to nine more staged glides to go before the aerospace company moves on to rocket-propelled tests. But this one is special because it serves as a dry run for actual rocket-powered flights.

It probably supports more HDR modes than your TV
The next Apple TV will likely support 4K and HDR.


Remember that incredibly revealing HomePod firmware? Developer Guilherme Rambo has sifted through it to discover references to both 4K and HDR support in an upcoming Apple TV model. And the HDR support is particularly broad, too.

The electric SUV still isn’t a bargain, but…Tesla lowers the Model X’s price now it’s more profitable


It’s now a better deal.

But wait, there’s more…

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