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August 6, 2017

You be you in this weekend’s comments thread!

by John_A

We’re all more than a screen name.

Once again we get to the part of the week where we can relax and shoot the breeze with friends. And friends can be a name on the internet belonging to someone halfway across the globe. just because you have never met someone doesn’t mean you’ve never met them, thanks to modern technology.

While I’m sitting here in my comfortable chair, you might be on a park bench loving the weather or nestled snugly under a blankie watching your phone between commercials. Or somewhere even better, doing and seeing those things you love.


We tend to take all that tech for granted. In a past life, I spent plenty of time in places where you had to walk a little bit and form a line to use a phone if you wanted to talk with someone who wasn’t near you. Those places, while getting smaller in number every day, still exist. The tech that lets us chat with someone on another continent using something that fits into our pocket is a thing we tend to take for granted until we really think about it.

So, hats off to companies and people who are trying to bring the world together. We really do recognize your hard work and dedication, even if we sometimes don’t mention any of it. Let’s put it to good use and get to know one another right here, right now!

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