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August 5, 2017

A frowning pile of poo is among the potential emojis for Unicode 11.0

by John_A

Why it matters to you

If the new emojis coming out this year aren’t enough for your library, there are 67 more potential options headed your way in 2018.

Emojis have become an essential part to crafting the perfect text, so it is no surprise that the library only keeps growing. During the quarterly Unicode Technical Committee meeting, new emojis were unveiled for potential inclusion in Unicode 11.0.

Even though Unicode 10 has not launched yet, Mark Davis — Unicode’s president and co-founder — posted a tweet announcing 67 new emojis have advanced to Draft Candidate status for June 2018. The latest list of candidates are not final and could change by the time the new set is available — but the choices are abundant.

The list includes a range of popular additions appearing for the first time like a cupcake, sliced bagel, kangaroo, and broom. Under smileys, there is one with a party hat surrounding by confetti and one blushing with three hearts. There is also a cold face with icicles attached and a grinning face with OK replaced for the eyes.

One familiar emoji may also be coming back a bit tweaked — the beloved smiling poop emoji could be available in a frowning variation instead. While the “Pile of Poo” looks different depending on the operating systems, the ones available are always grinning. The new addition gives users another emotion to express without having to rule out a classic.

Other fresh emojis in the running include a salt shaker, mango, and softball. There are also previously accepted candidates like the fire extinguisher, test tube, and mooncake, among others, that remain on the list. Another recommendation under the smiley category are cape-wearing heroes, — one of which is smiling and another with a serious face and eye mask.

As Unicode releases more emojis throughout the years, the options are becoming more inclusive — offering men and women in a variety of occupations and physical traits. Unicode 11.0 has a person with red hair, white hair, and curly hair listed as possible choices in terms of people emojis but they will not be determined until a later date since new code points are not required.

While we still have a while to go until October when this batch is officially approved, Unicode 10.0 should hold you over until then. The 56 new emojis have already been released and will be included in major updates for Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google devices.

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